AKC Gazette Breed Columns

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Please don't change our Iceland Dog

The Head

With warm regards from Sweden

Strength in this growing population

An interview with Guðrún Guðjohnsen

Coat color with genetic background of the ISD

Back to basics

The breed columns are a time-honored feature of the AKC Gazette.


Each columnist is appointed by a breed's national parent club, which preserves the

breed's standard and helps to educate breeders, judges, and the public about the

breed's history, function, and possible health issues. ... Columnists are asked to

write about topics of interest to the fancy in general as well as those specific

interest to judges and devotees of the breed. The breed columns rotate by group    

so that each breed's column can appear four times a year.


Hope you find these articles useful source of information about the Icelandic Sheepdog.


  Used with permission.