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Nýlendu  Icelandic Sheepdogs

Kátur was his calling name and he lived at Hnúks Kennel with Hörður and Stína in Iceland. Kátur was born 26 March 1996 but sadly died 2009 at the age of 13. He had double dew claws on both hind legs and single on both front. He had normal eyes and was HD-Free.

He sired 34 puppies.

Ýrar Akkur 1996 - 2009

Brenda comes from Kersins Kennel Iceland. She was born 12 April 1997. She had double dews on both hind legs and single on both front. Brenda had normal eyes and was HD Free.

She had 32 puppies in her lifetime.

Melkolku Brenda 1997 -

Spurðann was born November 9th 2004, Selfoss, Iceland.

He is one of six puppies.

He came to us to Ohio in January 2005

Spurðann was born November 9th 2004 in Selfoss  Iceland

Kersins Spurðann CGC

Spurðann is a sweet little guy a afraid of nothing. When we first introduced him to the other dogs, he growled at them, he was already trying to establishing dominance! He is very energetic and loves to play all the time. He gets along good with the other dogs, but Snotra and Nella are his favorite, where ever they are, Spurðann sure is to be there too. He is such a character full of fun and personality. He is very typical for the breed, can jump and climb just about anything he always sits on the highest point to look out, if it is in the house or outside. He is very alert and high energy for play, walks, run or work, but calm when in the house resting. He always has a happy smile. We sure love this little guy very much.

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Spurðann’s Dam and Sire and his Picture Pedigree

From the judges report, Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen said this about Spurðann

Coat long light fawn with cream chest, beautiful head and expression.  Dark brown beautiful eyes. Ears correct little far apart. Chest good, front angulation good, back angulation good, top line level and strong, tail correct when he runs. Movement correct, heavy feet.

At the first ISAA National 2009

Dew Claws

Registration Numbers:

FCI and AKC Pedigree

Spurðann has double dew claws

on both hind legs and single dew claws up front.



UKC P537-984

CKC 1099898

PennHIP: L-0.63 R-0.63

CERF: IS-203

 06,07,08,09,10 Normal

Latest CERF 20 Dec. 2012 Normal


Spurðann’s FCI Pedigree in Iceland

Spurðann’s CHIC information

He has both a FCI and an AKC Pedigree.

He participates in the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) program.

She participates in the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) program.

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Spurðann’s Litter Mates.  Roll mouse over picture to see all grown dog

He is a great daddy, he was very good with the puppies, when we had them here, and he loves his little Nella and plays with her all the time.

He is just the sweetest little guy.  

He is happy, smart, funny and such a good boy, no matter if he is out playing in

the heat of a summer day or out in the snow on the coldest winter day.  Snow is his favorite playground.

Spurðann is very much like his father Kátur, when inside he will sit on the windowsill and keep a watch what is going on with the world outside.

Spurðann got Best of Breed at the AISC Icelandic Sheepdog show
in August 2007.

AKC Judge Karin Ashe said,

"Underneath all that fur, there is a very well put together dog"

AISC Icelandic Sheepdog show,  August 2007

UKC: Spurðann was UKC Top Ten Icelandic Sheepdogs in 2009

AKC:  Spurðann was listed as an AKC top 25 dogs ar of 7/24/10

AKC: Spurðann was qualified and invited to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship,

          Long Beach, California 2010.

"[Spurdann] is beautiful and fits the standard to a T."

-Pat Hastings-


Linda, Orri's owner, has been busy showing this beautiful boy.  They have done well in the show ring, both in Iceland, and other countries throughout Europe. Some of Orri's offspring are doing very good aswell. His daugter  AKC GCH CH Kolrassa Krókríðandi earned Best of Breed at

Westminster, 2010

His Grandson AKC GCH CH Eyjahunda Þórarinn took Best of Breed

at the ISAA National 2011 and was selected as Best in Show, in Portland Oregon.  A first for the Breed in USA Both Kolrassa and Þórarinn are owned by

Eyjahunda Icelandic Sheepdogs


Kersins Orri


Spurðann was the only one of his litter that came to the States, however his brother Kersins Kútur went to Denmark.

The rest of the puppies all found homes in Iceland.


Icelandic Sheepdog



 HD Middles D



HD Free A



HD Free B


Pennhip L-0.63 R-0.63

Kersins Spurðann, the Icelandic SheepdogLoving the snow, Kersins SpurðannKersins SpurðannIcelandic Sheepdog Show 2007, Best of Breed Kersins SpurðannAt the first ISAA NationalKersins SpurðannKersins SpurðannKersins Orri, Spurðann's littermate