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Vaskur lives at Snætinda Kennel, Iceland. He has double dew claws on both hind legs and single on both front.

He eyes are normal and HD SVAK C

Vaskur was born 8 December 1997 and

has sired 31 puppies.

ISIC Gjósku Vaskur 1997 - 2013

Katla lived at Hnúks Kennel Iceland.

She had double dews on both hind legs and single on both front, eyes normal and HD Free.

She was born 25 September 1997

Katla had 3 litters, and 12 puppies.

Katla 1997 - 2011

She was born at Hnúks Kennel.,Breeder Hörður Þorsteinsson and

Kristín Gunnarsdóttir

Snotra is one of five puppies.

Snota was born January 13th 2004 in Selfoss  Iceland

Hnúks Birta CGC “Snotra”

One of her favorite place in our backyard is the deck, were she will watch for intruders to her territory.

She is very playful, and such a

wonderful and cheerful girl.

Just as Spurðann and Nella, Snotra loves the snow.  She loves to run and play in the snow, or sometimes just be on a watch.

Snotra is very laid back. She is good with children and loves

to play with the other dogs. She is very well behaved,

always comes running when called and really never

lets me get out of her sight. She loves to cuddle and

get her belly rubbed. She loves to play with her Frisbee

and even sometimes do a little Agility.

What a wonderful companion!

Hnúks Birta jumping

Please click on the thumbnail below to see some of her pictures growing up.

To see more pictures of Snotra and the other dogs, please visit the Photo Gallery

Snotra’s Dam and Sire and her Picture Pedigree

Hnúks Birta Picture Pedigree

Snotra got Open Bitch 3rd place under Judge Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen at the first ISAA National 2009.

From the judges report,

Coat, long leangth, too wavy, head triangular, good expression. Bite correct, eyes dark beautiful. Ears good, bit wide apart, chest good, front angulation good, back angulation good, topline level, movement good, moves well.

At the first ISAA National 2009

Dew Claws

Registration Numbers:

FCI and AKC Pedigree

Snotra has double dew claws on one hind leg, others are single.  She is from the rare M1/M2 family line of the Icelandic Sheedog and is carrying the O line.


AKC DN07397001

UKC P537-983


L=0.56 R=0.60

CERF: IS-153

04,06,07,08,09,10, Normal

Latest CERF 20 Dec. 2012 Normal


Snotra’s FCI Pedigree in Iceland

Snotra’s CHIC information

Snotra has both a FCI and an AKC Pedigree. She participates in the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) program.

She is retired from breeding.

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Snotra’s Litter Mates.  Roll mouse over picture to see all grown dog




B/D 2004


PennHIP L-0.44 R-0.44


 PennHIP L-0.56 R-0.60

Hnúks Birta AKA Snotra, Íslenskur fjárhundur, Icelandic SheepdogThe very playful Hnúks Birta AKA SnotraSnotra guarding the back yardHnúks Birta AKA SnotraHnúks Birta AKA SnotraHnúks Birta, Icelandic Sheepdog