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Nýlendu  Icelandic Sheepdogs

Nýlendu Sæla

Sæla, born 24 September 2008.  She moved to Toronto and lives with the Watts family and her Icelandic Sheepdog sister Heimskauts Eydís


Born 24 September 2008

Nýlendu Sæla with her brother Nýlendu ReykurNýlendu SælaHeimskauts Eydís and Nýlendu SælaHeimskauts Eydís and Nýlendu SælaThe friends Heimskauts Eydís and Nýlendu SælaNýlendu Sæla and the Watts sistersThe Watts familyNýlendu SælaFriendsNýlendu SælaNýlendu SælaThe friends Nýlendu Sæla and Heimskauts Eydís

Sæla and her best friend Heimskauts Eydís

The Watts sisters and Sæla, March 2009

The Watts family, 2009

Nýlendu Sæla

Sæla on left and Heimskauts Eydís, 2012

"I thought I had brought home a puppy but what I really brought home was a little baby angel"

 - Leticia Watts -