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Nýlendu  Icelandic Sheepdogs

Each one of the puppies has their own page, to see their puppy pages, please click on their picture

Nýlendu Icelandic Sheepdog Litter 2008

What a great time it was to have those wonderful puppies.

Snotra amazed me, she was such a good mama.

We did not have to help her, she knew from the beginning what to do, and took really good care of her babies.

She delivered 3 girls and 1 boy, all healthy and beautiful, some little too white for the standard but very typical type and with wonderful temperament.  


Born 24 September, 3 girls and 1 boy

 Dam - Hnúks Birta

Sire - Kersins Spurðann

Born January 13th 2004

CERF Normal

PennHIP L-0.56 R-0.60

FCI and AKC Pedigree

Born November 9th 2004

CERF Normal

PennHIP L-0.63 R-0.63

FCI and AKC Pedigree

Picture pedigree for Nýlendu puppies 2008 Hnúks Birta Icelandic Sheepdog Kersins Spurðann Icelandic Sheepdog Nýlendu Svanhvít AKA Elska Nýlendu Reykur Nýlendu Sæla Nýlendu Spurðanella AKA Nella

Nýlendu Svanhvít “Elska”

Nýlendu Reykur

Nýlendu Sæla

Nýlendu Spurðanella “Nella”

Snotra with her puppyNýlendu puppiesHnúks Birta AKA Snotra and Nýlendu ReykurBest friends, Nýlendu Reykur and Nýlendu SælaKersins Spurðann and Nýlendu ReykurMom and dad with their puppiesNýlendu Svanhvít AKA ElskaNýlendu SælaNýlendu Spurðanella AKA NellaNýlendu ReykurNýlendu SpurðanellaKersins Spurðann with Nýlendu puppiesNýlendu Svanhvít AKA ElskaNýlendu Reykur and Nýlendu SælaNýlendu Reykur and Nýlendu SpurðanellaDad with his boy Nýlendu ReykurKersins Spurðann pleying with Nýlendu puppiesKersins Spurðann playing with Nýlendu puppies